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At Boulevard Dental Practice, we can offer our clients a range of safe facial rejuvenation services to compliment our dental treatment. From our practice in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, we offer treatments such as Botox and facial fillers. Our experienced team and first-class work ensure you leave us feeling satisfied.

Botox Type Treatment

Dysport or botulinum toxin is used to soften or temporarily eliminate dynamic wrinkles that are caused by contraction of facial muscles. This will help prevent wrinkles from "setting in" permanently. By eliminating "worry lines", "frown lines" and "crow's feet" one will appear rejuvenated and less angry. Dysport may also be used to treat “smokers’ lines” as well as lines and bands in the neck. Dysport is injected into these areas using a tiny needle. No anaesthetic is required. The procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes. The effects are usually not noticed for 3 to 4 days and may last 3 to 4 months.

Dysport FAQs

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport has an effect on nerves at their junctions with muscles. There is a chemical messenger called acetylcholine that is released from the nerve endings to make the muscle contract; Dysport stops this release from happening. The effect of Dysport is to help reduce some of the abnormal muscle contraction and so the muscles become less stiff.

How Often Do I Have to Be Injected with Dysport?

This will vary from patient to patient. Dysport takes effect gradually over 4-7 days, sometimes longer. Its effect will last for up to 16 weeks.

Will the Injection Hurt?

People vary in how they feel about the injections. Most are unconcerned, however, for those who find that the injection hurts a little, we offer a local anaesthetic cream.

Someone Receiving Rejuvenating Facial Injections.

Facial Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Juvederm is a long-lasting gel that, once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, lifts and adds volume to the areas being treated. Similar to one of the body's own natural substances (hyaluronic acid), it is a completely safe treatment. The hyaluronic acid in Juvederm simply supplements the body's age-depleted hyaluronic acid to plump-up the lip or to raise the skin and 'fill in' the particular wrinkle being treated. With Juvederm, fine lines, wrinkles and folds are immediately filled and corrected. Mouths can also become fuller and lips more clearly defined. Treatment usually takes only 15-30 minutes.

Juvederm FAQ’s

Can This Kind of Technique Be Used to Treat Fine Lines and Delay the Appearance of Wrinkles?

Yes. Fine lines are the result of the deterioration of the dermis. Dermal filling techniques using Juvederm implants are intended for all ages and can prevent and treat the formation of wrinkles.

What Will My Skin Look Like without Additional Injections?

The correction will be degraded gradually until the skin returns to its initial appearance. Juvederm injections are generally renewed 2 to 3 times in the first year then 1 to 2 times annually thereafter.

Will the Injection Hurt?

People vary in how they feel about the injections. Most are unconcerned, although Juvederm contains its own local anaesthetic, we also offer where appropriate a local anaesthetic injection prior to administration, which we find tends to make the whole experience more comfortable for people.